Project Description

Model: ZKBio Access IVS

ZKBio Access IVS is a lite web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco, which supports most ZKTeco Hardware. It provides abundant functionality that fulfills management requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses: Personnel Management, Access Control, Attendance Management, Video Surveillance, Temperature Detection and Management, System Management.

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Target Market SMB Charged (Channel Distribution)
Architecture  B/ S
Protocol * Push SDK & Pull SDK
Access Control Device
– Access Control Panels (C3 Series/ inBio Series)
– Standalone Access Control Devices with PUSH
 Firmware (F18-S/ F19-S/ F21 Lite/ MB800/ etc.)
-* Visible Light Facial Recognition Series Devices
Attendance Device
– * New Platform Push Attendance Device
(IN01-A/ U160-C/ iClock580/ uFace102/ etc.)
  – * Visible Light Facial Recognition Series Device
(Video Management System)
Multiple Locations Login Support
PostgreSQL (Default)
MS SQL Server & Oracle (Optional)
License Control Support
 License Fee Contact us for Pricing
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ZKBio Access IVS Data Sheet